Monday, December 6, 2010

Thank You Teachers

I love my teachers.

I'm lying.

I can't stand them right now. And when I say teachers I mean the history department. Arg!! They decided that our school's history day will be right after winter break. Here I am all innocently hoping I might actually have three weeks off in which to recuperate from this intense semester, knit to my heart's content and fry my brains with TV and internet (probably and reread all of my Harry Potter books.

But noooo, we have to do this HUGE project and turn it in right after break is over. And I love my group, but they want to do an exhibit. That is 6ft x 2ft of information and pictures that we need to come up with, that is after we choose a topic. I'm not ragging on history, in fact I love history, but when they force it upon us, and shove it down our throats, it makes my want to gag, figuratively of course.

Not only that but I am having surgery midway through break and I have been told that there in no way of knowing how long I will take to recover, it could be 24 hours or much longer if there are complications that leave me in pain. And I am afraid that it will cause me to desert my group if I can not even think due to the pain meds (I have no idea what they will give me or if I will need it).

On another no quite off topic note, I have a Chemistry final in my university class on Monday, so wish me luck, as I need at least an 80% to keep my grade from teetering of the edge of a B into a C.

And this really is off topic, I will be babysitting for one of my favorite clients. Mostly because her son is the oldest of all the kids I babysit (he is about 8) and he do a lot of things for himself ie. use the bathroom and recognize when he is hungry. And also because of the way she treats me. I can't exactly put my finger on it, but I think it is because she treats me as less of a child and more like an adult. I don't take very kindly to being treated as a child. I'm not really a child anymore, I will be able to watch R rated movies in the theaters within the next two months and I will be voting in the next Presidential Election.

But anyways, it is pushing midnight I should have probably gotten to bed about an hour ago...

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