Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Baking

Hello All!! just kidding. I am pretty sure I have a total of one reader. But that is okay. I shall still share my posts with the blogging world!! As you can tell from the post title I have been baking up a storm.

Well actually, this year's baking feels as though I am taking a break. Usually we (mostly my mother and I, but my sister makes one type of cookie) make cookies to put in tins for our family and friends. Keep in mind that this adds up to about twenty tins of cookies. Each tin contains roughly two dozen assorted cookies. On top of all those cookies we bake cookies for our annual Christmas Eve Party. This all adds up to hundreds of cookies!!  This year, after a guilt trip from my sister for wanting to take the year off we are baking cookies just for the party. I wanted to share some pictures, but my hands were to covered in cookie dough to fathom taking any pics until I had just started the chocolate chip cookies. So here are some pictures of chocolate chip cookies in the works, as well as some finished double chocolate chip and powdered sugar balls.

Cookie in the bowl

Cookie getting ready to go in the oven

Cookies on cooling rack

Other Cookies :)

And we are barely even started!! Merry Christmas!!

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