Monday, August 16, 2010

First Post

 A little about me. My name is Heather. I am currently 16.  I guess you could call me smart, I go to one of the top 30 high schools in the country, which I got into after an application and interview, but I like math and science, so don't shoot me over my bad English. I have one younger sister. My parents divorced when I was six, Dad remarried when I was ten. And before you jump to any conclusions my step-mom is great and not anything like the one in Cinderella. I have four cats (two at each house) and a dog at my dad's house. I play tennis from time to time, but not anything serious really. And one of my greatest passions is knitting.

Um okay, blog. I was wonderfully inspired to create a blog over a year ago when I saw Julie and Julia with my grandma (we were actually inspired to make boeuf bourguignon as well which we went on to ***SPOILER ALERT*** overcook when we fell asleep, just like in the movie). Back on topic, blog. After making an account I thought to myself, what in the hell could I ever write about that anyone would be even slightly interested in? But now as school is about to start and I am going to be a junior, I knew I had my topic. Not following, good. That was not a very good transition, let me explain a little more. I am beginning to actually wrap my head around the idea that is college. I have always known that I would be going to college. It wasn't parent pressure or anything, just a natural succession in my head (elementary school to middle school to high school to college). But until now college was this thing that was way off in the distance like the Emerald City when Dorothy was just leaving Munchkin-land. And now it's this giant thing looming up overhead and I have it a lot worse than Dorothy. My path is splitting into a million different forks each one representing a college I could go to. But not only can I not just pick which path I want I have to apply to a bunch of paths that I want to take, paying for each application. And then after I am accepted I pick which path I am going to follow and pay no less than $20,000 (but probably more) per year for four years, and that is just for my bachelor's degree. My plan for this blog to take my readers, if I have any, on a journey through my journey  to college.  Along the way I will take you through what gets me through life: friends, family, school, and, of course, knitting.