Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Baking

Hello All!! just kidding. I am pretty sure I have a total of one reader. But that is okay. I shall still share my posts with the blogging world!! As you can tell from the post title I have been baking up a storm.

Well actually, this year's baking feels as though I am taking a break. Usually we (mostly my mother and I, but my sister makes one type of cookie) make cookies to put in tins for our family and friends. Keep in mind that this adds up to about twenty tins of cookies. Each tin contains roughly two dozen assorted cookies. On top of all those cookies we bake cookies for our annual Christmas Eve Party. This all adds up to hundreds of cookies!!  This year, after a guilt trip from my sister for wanting to take the year off we are baking cookies just for the party. I wanted to share some pictures, but my hands were to covered in cookie dough to fathom taking any pics until I had just started the chocolate chip cookies. So here are some pictures of chocolate chip cookies in the works, as well as some finished double chocolate chip and powdered sugar balls.

Cookie in the bowl

Cookie getting ready to go in the oven

Cookies on cooling rack

Other Cookies :)

And we are barely even started!! Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Cool Beans

Ooooh look at me, making another post before the week is out.  I think I just set a personal blogging record. It won't be long until I am posting several times a day! Okay not really. I don't really have the will power to keep up a blog like that, but most importantly I would not have anything good to say if I talked that much everyday. (In real life I actually do talk a lot).

I didn't really have a plan for this post, it just suddenly struck me as a good idea at nearly 11:00 at night.  But the idea has just come to me.  I was thinking of possibly starting another blog that would be more centered around knitting. I know that was one of the things I said was going to be in this blog, but if I do actually have any readers (which at this point I am doubting), specifically ones that want to read about knitting stuff, I understand if you don't want to shift through all of this other (rants) stuff.  So at this point in my young blogging career I am going to ask something of my readers (if you exist) to comment yay or nay at the idea of me creating another blog.  Or if you don't really care, you could tell me that you are here, reading my humble blog and that you don't really care if I take or leave the knitting stuff in this blog, but that you think I am a blogging genius and you would read every word I wrote even if it was in Russian.  Well you don't have to put that last genius part but I somewhat want to see who is reading my blog and what their blogs are like, even if they don't care, because I know that every last person on this earth has something that is worth saying. Okay I'm exaggerating. People like Hitler do not deserve to have their thoughts heard, thank God he is dead.  WOW, that got way off topic way fast.

I think I am done.

I really just ran out of steam... So please leave comments!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Thank You Teachers

I love my teachers.

I'm lying.

I can't stand them right now. And when I say teachers I mean the history department. Arg!! They decided that our school's history day will be right after winter break. Here I am all innocently hoping I might actually have three weeks off in which to recuperate from this intense semester, knit to my heart's content and fry my brains with TV and internet (probably Ravelry.com) and reread all of my Harry Potter books.

But noooo, we have to do this HUGE project and turn it in right after break is over. And I love my group, but they want to do an exhibit. That is 6ft x 2ft of information and pictures that we need to come up with, that is after we choose a topic. I'm not ragging on history, in fact I love history, but when they force it upon us, and shove it down our throats, it makes my want to gag, figuratively of course.

Not only that but I am having surgery midway through break and I have been told that there in no way of knowing how long I will take to recover, it could be 24 hours or much longer if there are complications that leave me in pain. And I am afraid that it will cause me to desert my group if I can not even think due to the pain meds (I have no idea what they will give me or if I will need it).

On another no quite off topic note, I have a Chemistry final in my university class on Monday, so wish me luck, as I need at least an 80% to keep my grade from teetering of the edge of a B into a C.

And this really is off topic, I will be babysitting for one of my favorite clients. Mostly because her son is the oldest of all the kids I babysit (he is about 8) and he do a lot of things for himself ie. use the bathroom and recognize when he is hungry. And also because of the way she treats me. I can't exactly put my finger on it, but I think it is because she treats me as less of a child and more like an adult. I don't take very kindly to being treated as a child. I'm not really a child anymore, I will be able to watch R rated movies in the theaters within the next two months and I will be voting in the next Presidential Election.

But anyways, it is pushing midnight I should have probably gotten to bed about an hour ago...