Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I can't be absolutely sure about this, but I would have to say that most adults don't get nearly as excited about mail as I do. I'm not talking about those pamphlets that random colleges send us is hopes that we might think about attending their college. I'm talking about a piece of mail that has your name on it and is all yours. I get excited about mail from my dentist's office reminding me about my semi-annual appointment. But as you can see by the weather, it is getting very close to wintertime, which means one thing to me: Christmas. And this year I am trying to buy or make homemade items for my gifts. Which lead me to one of my favorite time-wasting web-sites, Esty.com. Since I have ordered several things online from Esty for my friends and family, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of several packages in the mail, that have MY name on them. I can't imagine what would happen if they all came on the same day. Last time I got a package I was dancing around the house for at-least one day, possibly more.

Okay if I am going to be truthful, I just hope my parents don't read this, not all the packages arriving are presents for other people. I just ordered a bunch of yarn from Knit-Picks along with their Snow Day Ornament Knit and the Sock knitter's tool kit. I just may post pictures when everything arrives. The yarn I am buying is for a big roomy bag and some fingerless gloves. (NOTE: fingerless gloves not fingerless mittens, people get those mixed up all the time and it is incredibly annoying to me!!)

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  1. Hi Heather, i'm reading your blog!! Keep at it, you have to leave lots of comments on other established blogs to drive traffic to yours. I was excellent at maths, science & sports at school, it's a great base. I'm a pharmacologist but gave it away when i had 4 children after 2 degrees at University & taught myself to sew, making it my full time business 12 years later!! Well my eldest is 11 & about to start high school, i'm 35 now, our youngest is 7.
    Good luck with your studies, i went to a fantastic private school in Sydney Australia. Love Posie